Before we get into it, I’d like to apologise for the not-so-great photography in today’s blog. I’m still getting to know my camera, and had it on the wrong setting for most of dinner. I promise it won’t happen again!

A few weeks ago I decided to re-visit an old favorite – Enzo’s. Enzo’s has undergone some renovation in the past couple of years, changed hands (to my understanding), and has also changed names (last seen masquerading as Armando’s). There has been one thing about this place that has always remained the same -good quality, decent priced food.

From the sign at the front, it seems that Enzo’s is now Coeliac friendly, claiming they have gluten free pizza AND pasta.


The best part about going to Enzo’s for me, is always the anti-pasto. For those who aren’t in the know, it contains a selection of deli meats, cheeses and pickles served on what appears to be a plain pizza base. The base takes on the flavour of the food on top, as the juices seep into the base. It is also available in a vegetarian version. Unfortunately, I’m missing a picture of this work of art, but will ensure I get one on my next visit!

Caesar Salad

I’m told the Caesar Salad at Enzo’s is fantastic. I used to order this every Friday night (hold the bacon), back in the day it was still operating as Armando’s. I’m told it’s still as good!


These are just great! Mussels served in a slightly spicy tomato sauce. The serving is actually quite large, and you’ll be thankful for the bread once you get to the bottom of the bowl, as you’ll want to mop up all the delicious sauce you can.

The Caesar Salad and Mussels could easily be served as an entree, however, the anti-pasto we ate as entree is always quite filling. I find most people can’t finish their entree, following the anti-pasto, so getting an entree as a main is probably a wise choice.

The other two meals we ordered were pizzas. I should probably be honest here and say that I’ve discovered another Italian restaurant in Geelong that makes what is now my favorite pizza, so I might be slightly bias here!

El Baggio


(Must put my blogs up in less than the 3 weeks it’s taken this time!)

The El Baggio was covered in eggplant, artichoke, fresh tomato and lots of garlic. The second pizza also had fresh tomato, Italian sausage and bocconcini. Us two pizza eaters agreed the pizza was good, but seemed to lack a little something in the flavour stakes. We ended up taking a decent portion of pizza home, as we were rather full from the anti-pasto – I’ll never learn!

Enzo’s is a place where the service is fast, the noise is loud and the food is fairly priced. The quality of service is sometimes lacking, but you’ll get your meal and get it fast, and you can be guaranteed you’ll leave satisfied. Heck, you’ll probably even have some money left over for petrol on the way home.



141 Pakington St, Geelong West.

Open Tuesday-Sunday: 5pm until late.

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3 responses to “Enzo’s

  1. Pasta was beautiful we had carbonara
    Also we had enzos pizza, topping was lovely but the base was soggy and soft.
    I was very disappointed I told the girl I wasn’t rude and she said ok I will tell the boss, then nothing the owner did not even come over at all so disapointingđź‘Ž. We have been there before and it’s been beautiful

  2. Hi. Thanks for the great blog. Are you prepared to reveal your favourite pizza place? And any suggestions for a good turkish / lebanese / greek restaurants?

    • Hi Mitch,

      To my knowledge, there are only two Greek restaurants in Geelong – Bistro 310 on Moorabool St and Spresso on Ryrie St. I’ve been to Bistro 310 a couple of times and have never been disappointed. You can view the menu on their website http://bistro310.com.au. I’m yet to visit Spresso, but am extremely tempted after looking at the pictures on their website http://www.spresso.com.au/ No online menu unfortunately.

      You have me stumped on Turkish and Lebanese restaurants unfortunately. The only place that I can think of that serves Turkish food is Pizzaland on Mercer St. It also serves Italian food and the food is always good. The Turkish bread and dips are amazing. Definitely worth checking it out http://www.pizzalandbistro.com/2522.html

      As far as best pizza goes…
      The best garlic pizza is definitely Eric’s Pizza in Charles St Newcomb. He’s also got great pizzas.
      The best pizza for me at the moment is Town and Country Pizza. They’ve got a good selection of pizzas, including a number of vegetarian pizzas. http://www.townandcountrypizza.com.au/ Although, I should probably mention that the base is fairly thick, so if you don’t like a thick base then head to one of the other pizza places I mentioned – I have friends who grumble about Town and Country pizza bases. Alfio’s is also a good bet if you’re in the Newcomb area, though I’ve only been there once, as opposed to an embarrassing amount for each of the other pizza places mentioned.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope this information helps!

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