La Madre Bakery

I’d been hearing good things about La Madre Bakery, but only recently managed to venture out to Bell Park. I’m a big fan of fresh bread, and whilst I do frequent Baker’s Delight quite regularly, I’m always  little disappointed they can never deliver unique bread with a good crust.

Walking up Milton street, I was greeted with La Madre’s sign.

La Madre Bakery

“Goodness here”. I certainly hope so.

Entering La Madre, I was quite surprised at the size of the customer service area – rather small, considering this place does a roaring trade and prides themselves on having a variety of breads on offer. If you look past the doors you’ll be able to see the bakery. I was there late morning and there weren’t any bakers around, but I loved seeing the bannetons and other fancy tools they use for making bread.

I wasn’t quite up to purchasing a loaf on this occasion, as I wanted to try a bit of everything. I ended up walking out with a mini ciabatta, garabaldi and a rye, currant and walnut bun.

One little touch I loved about my visit to La Madre was getting my bread given to me in a brown paper bag, sealed with the La Madre sticker (or ‘seal of approval’, as I like to call it).

Seal of approval

And now for the bread…

Mini Ciabatta

The mini ciabatta was like any other good ciabatta, really. Perfect amount of give in the bread and just the right amount of flour on the outside of the roll. Perfect with or without butter.
These mini ciabattas would make a great accompaniment to any dinner, and given their size, they’d ensure your guests didn’t fill up too much on bread rolls before dinner.

Rye, Currant and Walnut Bun

This bun was actually quite heavy for the size of it. I was practically jumping for joy when I cut into it to find an abundance of currants and walnuts inside! I was a little worried I’d have to search for the currants and walnuts like I have to do at most other bakeries, but La Madre have got the ratio just right.
The bun was quite heavy eating, but so delicious I had to eat the whole thing. Like the ciabatta, it was great on it’s own and also with some butter.

La Madre specialise in bread, but also sell a small selection of sweets. The day I went (Saturday) they Linzer Torte, a selection of tarts, Garabaldi and a couple of others. I had someone waiting in line behind me, so quickly made the decision to buy a Garabaldi, which I had never eaten or even heard of before then.


Another good choice! Or perhaps any choice from La Madre would be a good one…
This little beauty had plump sultanas wedged between two pieces of crunchy (shortcrust?) pastry. Sounds a bit plain, but the pastry has lots of flavour.

I’ll definitely be making a trip back to La Madre soon. They have recently revamped their website, and it no longer contains as many details about which breads are baked at what times (I’d love to pop in and purchase a loaf of warm bread), and they don’t seem to have all their products online anymore. They do, however, have a list of ingredients and nutritional information online, if this is something that you are interested in.You can find the details here.


La Madre Bakery

18 Milton St, Bell Park.

Monday – Friday 7am – late
Saturday 7am – 1.30pm
Sunday 12noon – late

La Madre on Urbanspoon


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