The Mussel Boat

I’d first heard about The Mussel Boat a few months ago and had been wanting to check it out ever since. At first I was worried it might just be a summer thing, but it appears this little boat is docked in Geelong all year round.  You buy your food from the boat, which is moored behind Fisherman’s Pier, beside La Parisien/The Wharfshed and close to the heli-pad. Just look for the signs.

Mussel Boat sign

Fresh mussel prices and opening times

The Mussel Boat sells fresh mussels for a reasonable price. However, don’t seem to offer any discounted prices for buying in bulk.


The menu offers a decent variety, considering all the food is cooked on the boat that you make your purchases from. After ordering there was a bit of a wait, not because it was busy, but because everything seemed to be cooked fresh. I didn’t mind though, and decided to go fish spotting from the pier. Although, it would have been nice to have been informed of the rough wait time after ordering.

Today I decided to go for a cup of chips and a serve of the mussels in red wine, tomato and chilli. As you can see from the picture, there also appears to be some onion and parsley thrown in.

Mussels in red wine, tomato and chilli

Excuse the empty shells – I accidentally started eating before taking a picture! I’ve had mussels cooked many ways before, but never with red wine. The mussels were cooked well and the sauce was very tasty, with just the right amount of chilli. The chips that I ordered were fine, but not the best chips I’ve ever eaten. Possibly frozen chips? They came seasoned with salt. I ended up pouring the leftover sauce from the mussels over the chips.

There is an undercover area with some tables and chairs provided – made out of old mussel crates.


Overall, the food was tasty, however, I’d be raving about this place more if the chips were of a higher quality and the food was a little cheaper. But, I’ll definitely be back to try out the Paella and enjoy the view.

The Mussel Boat

Geelong Waterfront

Open 7 days a week.
Sunday – Thursday 10.30am-5.30pm
Friday – Saturday 10am – late

(Note: I have put in the address as 1 Yarra St, Geelong. The Mussel Boat is actually located right on the waterfront).


7 responses to “The Mussel Boat

  1. damm I should have bought mussels there yesterday. But I didn’t know that they were there until today. Thanks for the article

  2. Great post thank you! I can’t wait to go there today. I stumbled across this place years ago when I was in town and have been dying to go back. today’s my lucky day!

  3. The Calamari there is amazing! best I’ve ever had you must try it 🙂

  4. Paella is a Barry Crocker. Mussels fantastic.

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  6. Have had the mussels here a few times and they are nice enough. Certainly wouldn’t go back for the paella though… worst paella I’ve had.

  7. mussels were great and fresh, however paella was pretty bland and stoggy.

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