Fyansford Hotel

A friend and I went to the Fyansford Hotel on a Sunday evening for a pub meal. Being somewhat limited in what I can eat, I was a little worried my whole meal might be grease-filled. The menu left me pleasantly surprised. No pictures of the menu, however, expect the usual pub grub plus a bit extra.

After arriving at the pub to find all the seats taken, we grabbed an empty bar table and had a look over the menu board. Chicken Caesar salad, battered fish and chips, Thai beef salad, scotch fillet, selection of dips, calamari with aioli, chicken parmigiana, and more. The menu seemed quite extensive for a pub, with around 15 items available.

I went with the calamari and my friend ordered the chicken parmigiana. Both $13.50. I’m told by a regular that eating in the dining section of the hotel is quite a bit more expensive than eating in the pub section. I’m not sure whether the quality of food is different, or whether it’s just the ambiance that makes all the difference.

After discussing the menu some more, we were quick to whisk away some bar-stools from people who had just finished their meal. I was told by a friend the next day that there is actually a large beer garden out the back which would have had sufficient tables and chairs. You can get there by walking into and through the second room.

The meals didn’t take long to come out, and we by no means felt rushed.

Lemon peppered calamari

I was glad that the calamari was done a little differently to what is normally seen in pubs, and was pleasantly surprised it came with a salad. The calamari didn’t come out hot – I’m not sure if that’s how the chef intended it to be served, or if it cooled down quickly when placed on top of the salad. Regardless, the taste was great and it came with the right amount of aioli. The salad underneath had different types of salad leaves, red onion, red capsicum, carrot and some tomato on the side. It was well-dressed in a mustard based dressing.

Chicken Parmi

The chicken parmi had the option of being served with vegies or salad. The salad seemed the same as the one served with the calamari. The meal was tasty, but could have done with a little less oregano in the tomato sauce. Being a pub, we were expecting a giant-sized parmi – this one was reasonably sized, but not as big as we were expecting. Still, a really good deal for the price.

Being a pub, I wasn’t expecting fantastic service, but we had no complaints. The meals came out within what we thought was a reasonable time, and the plates were cleared in a timely manner.  Although, it would have been nice to have been pointed in the direction of the beer garden we had no idea existed.

The Fyansford Hotel (Pub section)

67 Hyland St, Fyansford

Open Tuesday – Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Fyansford Hotel on Urbanspoon


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