Bush Inn Hotel

After browsing through recipe books for far too long on a Saturday night, I decided to head out for some dinner. My group was originally planning on heading to The Carlton, but it was completely booked out. We took a suggestion from a girl at the bar and walked down to the Bush Inn Hotel.

The menu had a fair selection including frittata, veal and chicken schnitzel, veal and chicken parmigiana, Caesar salad, calamari, fish fillets, etc. Pretty much the usual pub grub. I was looking forward to the calamari with chips, but upon ordering found out that the kitchen was out of calamari for the night. I browsed the menu again and struggled to find a vegetarian or seafood dish. I could have ordered the catch of the day – flake, but have recently decided against eating flake for environmental reasons. I saw oven-baked salmon on the specials board and decided to go with that. Our table also ordered some garlic and cheese bread.

After waiting over half an hour for some food, and seeing a table that came in after us get their meals before us, we were starting to wonder how much longer it would be. The waitress came over and told us that our garlic bread had turned black in the oven, and would now be due to come out with our mains. I would have preferred getting the bread earlier, as the meals were quite large, and with the bread we struggled to finish our meals.

Here’s what we ended up ordering…

Oven-baked Salmon with Pesto

The oven-baked salmon with pesto ($19.95) came with chips and a salad made with rocket, sundried tomatoes and fetta, and was dressed in a balsamic dressing. The skin was sitting on top of the fish and was quite crispy, which to me indicates the skin was taken off before placing the fish in the oven to ensure the skin stayed crispy. The salmon was cooked to my liking, and the salad was tasty. I should mention the chips were a bit soggy, but I actually like them like that!

Chicken Parmagiana

The chicken parmigiana ($15) came with chips and a basic salad. The chicken was possibly a little dry, but the tomato sauce was tasty and had chunks of onion throughout.

Filet Mingnon

The filet mingnon ($29.95) was from the specials board and came sitting on a bed of mashed potato and spinach, covered in mushrooms. The meat was not cooked as ordered (slightly overcooked), but overall was a filling and tasty dish.

Beef and Guinness Pie

The Beef and Guinness Pie ($11) was also from the specials board. It came with chips and a basic salad. The pie had good flavour, but was let down by some soggy pastry.

Nobody from our group ordered dessert, but the specials board had Sticky Date Pudding, Mississippi Mud Cake and Passionfruit & Peach Cheesecake.


Bush Inn Hotel

58 Corio St, Geelong.

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