Moriac Hotel

Moriac Hotel has recently undergone some renovations, and again started serving food from their kitchen. I went there a few weeks after the completion of the renovation. I’m not sure how well the kitchen is going, as when I went there the dining area was rather empty. But it is still early days.

The starting plate with dips, olives, cheese, crisp bread and other goodies was well worth it. The cheese was served at room temperature and the dips were creamy and flavoursome.

The mains were a bit of a mixed bag. There aren’t any vegetarian options on the menu apart from a pasta. Being the only vegetarian option, you would think the flavours would really be there, but unfortunately they aren’t.  There are a couple of fish dishes and one prawn dish, but the remainder of the menu is meat, meat, meat. There were no complaints about the mixed grill or Moroccan chicken. The parmas our table ordered were a bit of a mixed bag. One was cooked to perfection, while the other was a bit soggy on the outside. The parmas are definitely a decent size, and give some of the others I’ve seen around Geelong a run for their money.

The price of the food here is a little on the expensive side for what you get. It is still early days, so maybe they’ll bring the prices down yet. Not really worth it for a vegetarian in my opinion.


Moriac Hotel

1115 Princes Highway, Mount Moriac.

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2 responses to “Moriac Hotel

  1. Unfortunate Regular

    I frequent the Moriac pub once or twice a month and find its a bit hit and miss. The specials menu hasn’t changed for months and it gets a bit boring when you visit as much as we do. It needs new ideas, like…the best parmy in geelong area!! Normally its just a boring meal…a average size dry piece of chicken with a sauce that seems like its poured on out of a can.
    At the moment they have a good seafood pasta, but they cook the hell out of the seafood…the flavour is ok though. Needs to offer the locals more incentive to keep coming back more often, kids eat free on wednesdays or something. It could do so much better. Bar staff are unbelievably slow, sometimes we can wait 10minutes for a beer, and thats well known around the moriac area. Some of the local have rang the bar to get service, while its funny to see, its sad that it gets to that 6.5/10

  2. You should come back and check out the venue with it’s new fresh menu and home made meals. Listen to the local feedback and give us your feedback to compare

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