The Belmont Hotel

Arrived at the Belmont Hotel on a busy Monday night, on what is their ‘International Parmi Night’. I had looked at their menu here earlier in the day and was quite excited about the onion and fig tart and the lemon and ginger calamari. Was also intrigued by the curry on the list, as I think it’s the first time I’ve seen curry on a pub menu, or maybe I’m just not looking properly.

Upon arrival at the hotel (bistro area) we were seated promptly and told about the parmi night. We were unaware parmi night here meant ONLY parmi. That’s it. No other menu items. Bit of a disappointment as I was not told this over the phone earlier when making a booking and asking some questions about making changes to the menu. So, you have a choice of the usual international parmis, in addition to a vegetarian parmi. So I knew what I was getting. After waiting about an hour for the meals to arrive, my parmi was lukewarm at best, and actually cold inside. I sent it back, while I watched my fellow diners finish their parmis. I rarely send back food, in fact I think the only other time I’ve done it is when restaurants have assured me there is no meat in the dish, but I can see salami floating around in it. Or when there is a stray hair in my food.

Anyway, the waitress at the Belmont Hotel brought over a brand new hot parmi for me, and apologised for the mistake. She was fantastic, very apologetic and was not angry about me sending my food back. She even brought me over another drink without me asking. I’m normally a little negative when having to wait so long for my meal and then having issues with it, but the way the waitress handled it was better than what I’ve seen at some upmarket restaurants. Just be aware, if you’re going on parmi night – that’s what you’ll get – parmis! I need to go back another time to taste some of the other items on the menu.


The Belmont Hotel

77 High Street, Belmont.

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