The Dock Cafe

I’d been wanting to try out the new dining options at The Pier Geelong for quite some time. After browsing the options and menus here (click on the dining  options down the bottom) I thought The Dock Cafe sounded like a good option for lunch. I hope to try out the other options soon – Baveras, which is an upmarket restaurant with a fantastic looking menu, and City Quarter which is a bar with pizza and tapas.

The cafe is quite small, and doesn’t make use of it’s location very well. The only view to outside is through the glass windows at the entrance, facing towards the start of Cunningham Pier. There’s not much to look at in there, otherwise. If you don’t have a view looking out the window, it gets a bit boring staring at the wall.

The menu for the cafe seemed like any other you would expect to find at a cafe. If you are browsing the menu online,it currently displays the summer menu, which at the cafe has now changed to an autumn menu, although I think only a couple of the options are different, if any. Go up to the counter to order.

I had the roast vegetable foccacia, which was like any other foccacia. My dining companion had the chicken and avocado foccacia, which was packed full of mayonnaise. Perhaps if you aren’t a fan of piling on your mayo, then go for another option. It was absolutely drenched in it.

Don’t really have much to say about this place. I didn’t like that a table that had left before we had arrived still hadn’t had their plates/table cleared for some 20-30minutes after we had arrived. The drinks are like any others you’d expect to find at a cafe. Nothing really exciting about this place. The Dock Cafe is like most other cafes. Hopefully Baveras and CQ live up to their reputation.


The Dock Cafe

Cunningham Pier
10 Western Beach Road, Geelong.

Open: Monday – Sunday. 8am-4pm.

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2 responses to “The Dock Cafe

  1. Hi Vanessa. Thanks for your comment. If you ever head down to the Dock Cafe let me know what you think.

  2. Thanks for reviewing Dock Cafe. In 2 minds about going myself, as I’ve seen the menu and not impressed.

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