Hog’s Breath Cafe

This was my first time at Hog’s Breath. The decor reminded me a little of the Hard Rock Cafe – with number plates, signs, posters and other random things scattering the walls. I was surprised at the size of this place and the amount of people that were eating here. I thought it would be about half the size, with a lot less people. But, I guess Geelong must not have been playing the footy this night, or else the place would probably be empty – as with a lot of other restaurants on a ‘footy night. Anyway, back to the restaurant…

There isn’t heaps in the way of vegetarian food, but apparently the staff can change some of the menu options around to make them vegetarian friendly. I was in the mood for a burger and got the Barramundi Burger with salad and fries. Other people on my table ordered a variety of dishes, some of which had steak, pork and ribs. I was tempted by the Seafood Plate for Two, but it has a lot of fried seafood. I think the only things that aren’t fried are the salmon and possibly the prawns. I would have definitely gone for it if there was a little less deep frying. Maybe another time!

So, how was my burger? Not that great. A bit tasteless. I had to salt it. But I was mainly very unimpressed with my ‘salad’. I got a few small leaves on my plate. Apparently that was my salad. A bit unfair, as everyone else who had their meal with salad had mixed leaves, red onion, beans and dressing on their salad. I was told that the steak, ribs and pork were all very tasty. The steak could be cut through with a fork.

As for other aspects of my visit… There was a good selection of cocktails (which tasted pretty good), including hot and cold options. But I couldn’t find the prices on the drinks list for them. Staff were friendly and checked up on the finer details if they weren’t sure.


Hog’s Breath Cafe

23 Yarra St, Geelong
(Under the Westfield Bridge)

Open: Monday-Sunday 11.30am – late.


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