The Secret Recipes Kitchen

I’m an Entertainment Book user and often flick through that to get lunch or dinner ideas. I rang up Wayans (Indonesian) a few back and they told me they were closed for renovation. I rang up again recently and made a booking. I had the address for the restaurant and remember walking past it in Little Malop St a few times, so off we went. We walked up and down a couple of times and couldn’t find the place… We rang the number on the Entertainment Book docket and found out that Wayans is no longer around, but it has turned into Secret Recipes Kitchen. It would have been good to know this before, as we were all hanging out for Indonesian food, and had we known, we probably would have gone to the Indonesian restaurant on Shannon Ave. I’d been to Secret Recipes Kitchen before and enjoyed the meal (seafood mee goreng), so we thought we may as well head in.

Determined to try something different to last time, I ordered Sizzling spicy calamari on a hot plate with a side of rice. Other dishes that we ordered were curry chicken laksa, beef rendang (from the specials board) and Oven roasted pork hock with Thai salad. My calamari was tasty, but I got the feeling that the vegies on top were either from a can or frozen, not fresh. They had that taste, colour and feel that indicated they weren’t fresh. The laska was packed full of ingredients and was more like a curry and not a soup, which wasn’t a problem. It had plenty of chicken and tasted authentic. I was told the pork hock was excellent, and we were all a fan of the Thai salad that came on the side – crunchy and fresh with the perfect amount of dressing. The beef rendang was also tasty, but the serving was a bit smaller than we were used to seeing elsewhere.

Some of the other menu options include seafood tom yum, duck breast and whole fish wrapped in a banana leaf. There is also an extensive list of different varieties of fried rice, for example pineapple fried rice and honey chicken/beef rice.

I have heard this place also has some good lunch specials, so if you work close it may be worth your while checking it out in your lunch break.


The Secret Recipes Kitchen

82A Little Malop St, Geelong

Open: Monday-Sunday for Lunch and Dinner

The Secret Recipes Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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