Sticks and Grace

I had a couple of things to do on Pakington St today, so decided to have lunch while I was there. I wish I’d chosen somewhere else to eat.

I wasn’t too impressed with the waitress, who was talking to us while coming in from outside, asking us if we wanted menus, then half yelling the same question from near the counter when we hadn’t understood her.

We were told by the same waitress that the menu was new, and everything was available, except the risotto. There were lots of breakfast dishes on the menu, such as pancakes and eggs. There were also some more lunch type dishes like soup, pizza, calamari and flatbread with lamb.  I went with the calamari with asian salad and the person I was dining with ordered the flatbread with lamb.

There weren’t any complaints about the lamb dish, however, the calamari dish is a completely different story. The actual calamari itself was quite tender and tasty, and the aioli that it came with was acceptable, except for the fact that it was starting to form a skin on top. I’d say it had been sitting around too long. The ‘asian salad’ was inedible. I don’t think I’ve ever said that about food from a restaurant before. I had two mouthfuls and couldn’t eat anymore. The carrot was floppy, the purple cabbage was limp, the cucumber had began to rot (you know when it’s been in the fridge too long and goes translucent?) and the salad had that “off” taste about it.

I told the waitress about the salad when we went up to pay. I said I couldn’t eat the salad and was told that “the menu is new”. I wasn’t sure what the menu being new had to do with the rotting food that was on my plate, so I asked her when the salad had been made. I was told it’s all fresh and fine and just been made. I told her to tell the chef to eat some of the salad that I had been served and she said she would pass my message on. I think if someone is making a complaint about the food that is being served at the cafe you work at, you need to show you care, and try not to be too defensive. It’s not easy making a complaint, and most people don’t like doing it – myself included. Keep serving food like that and you probably won’t be around much longer. The complaints are there to help you and the cafe you work at.

I rarely complain about my meal, but this was pretty bad. We weren’t offered any discount on the meal, apologised to or assured that our next experience would be a lot better. I won’t be going back.

In other news… I went to Haruka Japanese Restaurant again last week. The food was fresh and fantastic again and I highly recommend it. You can find my last review on Haruka here.


Sticks and Grace

4/337 Pakington St, Newtown

Open: Monday-Sunday 8.00am to 4.00pm

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3 responses to “Sticks and Grace

  1. This comon from the guy who was making coffees that day:
    I remember this incident. There were two of you, both female. Sitting down theftont of the cafe.
    I agree the way she dealt with the problem was not the correct way of doing so. We have been training this waitress for a while now and as all hospitality staff, she is sti learning.
    As for her comment about it being a new menu. We had only started that menu on the day you came in. So everything was prepared fresh that morning. We prepare everything fresh every day.
    I personally apologize for the way you felt about your experience at sticks and grace. I understand you have made your judgemet of our venue, but I hope this offers and explanation for what you experienced.

  2. I was you, I’d send them an email with a link to this review.

  3. Having a ‘new menu’ is no reason for the salad to be off and being all narky about it. Maybe she needs a new course in customer service.

    Thanks for the review.

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