Welcome Thai Asian Groceries

A friend of mine had spotted a Thai grocer from the window of a train and since finding out about it I’d been keen to check it out. It’s in a bit of a strange location (25 Melbourne Rd), which is just before the Telegraph Bridge. You’ll need to enter via the service lane.

The shop seemed somewhat similar to your usual Asian grocer, with a bit of a lean towards Thai flavours. I had a look through a couple of recipe books before leaving home and had quite a list going, hoping to get everything I needed for a green curry from here. As it turned out, I couldn’t get everything I needed, so I had to make a couple of detours on the way home. Unfortunately the store doesn’t seem to carry fresh herbs or vegetables, although I did manage to get some lemongrass that was stored in the fridge. There was also some sliced lemongrass in the freezer section. The freezer section had dumplings of varying flavours and seafood that is commonly used in Thai cooking, including prawns, squid, different types of fish and balls of beef.

Looking down the middle aisle

The picture below shows some of the items I picked up, which seem to be priced reasonably well. The grocer is definitely good to visit if you are in need of Thai curry pastes, sauces or stocks. I’m looking forward to trying out the Roi Thai Tom Yum Soup, which you heat up and simply add meat and vegetables to.

Some of the items purchased

A common ingredient in one of my cookbooks is coconut cream in block form. I’ve never come across it before, so if anyone knows where I can buy some please let me know. I’ve been modifying recipes to include coconut cream from a can and decreasing or removing the added water completely.

There is free parking for 30 minutes at the front of the store and for large orders free delivery is available.


Welcome Thai Asian Groceries

25 Melbourne Rd, North Geelong

Open: Monday-Saturday 9am-5.30pm
Sunday 10am-5.30pm


5 responses to “Welcome Thai Asian Groceries

  1. Is the store still open by any chance?

  2. Does any one know of a good grocer in the eastern suburbs selling lots of thai products, including fresh vegetables please?, I know of some that are general Asia food but they don’t have a lot of Thai products.thanks lisa

  3. Welcom Thai now has fruit and veggies for sale .we have veggies from thailand and fruit too.

  4. You can get coconut cream in solid block form in central Geelong from the Asian grocery shop in Moorabool St, near the bus depots. Not sure of the precise address but it is a few doors down from the Seven-Eleven and near Arthur Daley’s Shop.
    Walk in the front door, keep to the left, it is about halfway back on the far left of the shop, near other coconut cream in tins, etc.

    I get “Indus” brand, in a green box, it is 200g for $2.50.

    They have another brand in an orange box, I can’t see any difference, same price.

    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for posting.
      I have been to that Asian grocery a few times, but haven’t seen the coconut cream! Now that I know what it looks like and where it is I’ll have to go for another look. Thanks for your help!

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