Beside the Point

Although there are a number of cafes to eat at in Geelong, many of them are not open on Sundays. After searching high and low, we stumbled across Beside the Point and decided to give it a go. There were actually quite a few places along the waterfront open and serving food, so if you’re ever stuck for somewhere to eat on a Sunday then head down in that direction, as there are a few things on offer.

The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch, with a simple menu on offer. I have no problems with simple food, as long as it’s done well. In saying that, I think the menu could be expanded a little, to set it apart from so many other cafes that serve the same or similar options. There were some vegetarian and gluten free options available. Check out the lunch menu below.

The smoked salmon sandwich and roasted vegetable toasted panini were both tasty, with just the right amount of seasoning. I’m keen to try the caesar salad with smoked salmon next time, which is something I haven’t come across before.

Roasted vegetable panini

Staff were friendly and apologised for the short wait between ordering and receiving our meals. The mural on the wall and Singapore orchids in vases added a nice touch to the small space.

I can see this cafe becoming popular once word of mouth gets around.


Beside the Point

5 Cunningham St, Geelong
(This street is opposite Cunningham Pier and is one way only)

Open: Monday-Sunday breakfast and lunch

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