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Darriwill Farm

After spending most of my morning at the gym I decided to head down to Darriwill Farm for a bite to eat. It had been a while since I’d been to Darriwill Farm for a meal, but I occasionally head in to check out the grocery that’s attached.¬† They have some delicious looking biscuits and chocolates, as well as fresh La Madre bread and have recently started stocking Irrewarra Natural Icecream.¬†They also stock a range of other gourmet food and ingredients, as well as a range of kitchen utensils and gadgets. If you’re ever stuck for a gift for someone who loves to cook (or eat) it’s a good store to check out.

The cafe has a big selection of drinks on offer. I’m keen to try out the home made lemonade next time I stop by.

Non-alcoholic options available

Alcoholic options on offer

I decided on a pear Flying Brick cider that’s brewed locally on the Bellarine. I personally prefer my cider a little sweeter than this one.

I was a little unsure of how the service would be, as when we ordered drinks we had to wait longer than usual for them to arrive. In the end I was very happy with the friendly service and staff that didn’t mind having a quick chat.

The menu is quite extensive and has marked vegetarian and gluten free options. The breakfast menu is available all day and the lunch menu is available from 11.30am. In addition to the menu there is a board on the wall displaying the day’s specials. Today there was a Thai pumpkin soup with coriander yoghurt ($10.90) and a tart with chorizo, artichoke, roast tomato, pumpkin, baby spinach and red onion ($16.90). Other specials included a tasting plate, a pasta dish and terrine. We saw a number of tasting plates leaving the kitchen during our visit.

Breakfast menu

Lunch menu

We ordered from the lunch menu and I decided on a Tuscan salad, with others choosing the tasting plate and open chicken burger.

Tuscan salad with vegetables, croutons and Meredith goat's cheese

Tasting plate

The tasting plate today came with Asian coleslaw, quesadillas, risotto cake, beetroot dip and sourdough bread. I’m not sure how often the tasting plate changes; it may be different on your visit.

Open chicken burger with Asian coleslaw and potato salad

The Tuscan salad had a balanced dressing that didn’t overpower the ingredients. I found the salad very tasty and would definitely recommend it. The tasting plate had a good selection of items that were all seasoned well. Definitely an item for those who are having trouble selecting just one item from the menu. The chicken burger was impressive with salad stacked on top of the bread and grilled chicken. Definitely no complaints about this one.

We were hoping to have enough room for cake after lunch, but it turns out we were so full from lunch that we decided to give it a miss. However, I liked the look of the caramel slice so much that I took a piece home with me for later. For macaron lovers, head into the grocery on your way out to have a look at the macarons.


Darriwill Farm

Shop 10-11, 65-71 Barrabool Rd, Highton

Open: Monday-Sundaybreakfast and lunch.

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Welcome Thai Asian Groceries

A friend of mine had spotted a Thai grocer from the window of a train and since finding out about it I’d been keen to check it out. It’s in a bit of a strange location (25 Melbourne Rd), which is just before the Telegraph Bridge. You’ll need to enter via the service lane.

The shop seemed somewhat similar to your usual Asian grocer, with a bit of a lean towards Thai flavours. I had a look through a couple of recipe books before leaving home and had quite a list going, hoping to get everything I needed for a green curry from here. As it turned out, I couldn’t get everything I needed, so I had to make a couple of detours on the way home. Unfortunately the store doesn’t seem to carry fresh herbs or vegetables, although I did manage to get some lemongrass that was stored in the fridge. There was also some sliced lemongrass in the freezer section. The freezer section had dumplings of varying flavours and seafood that is commonly used in Thai cooking, including prawns, squid, different types of fish and balls of beef.

Looking down the middle aisle

The picture below shows some of the items I picked up, which seem to be priced reasonably well. The grocer is definitely good to visit if you are in need of Thai curry pastes, sauces or stocks. I’m looking forward to trying out the Roi Thai Tom Yum Soup, which you heat up and simply add meat and vegetables to.

Some of the items purchased

A common ingredient in one of my cookbooks is coconut cream in block form. I’ve never come across it before, so if anyone knows where I can buy some please let me know. I’ve been modifying recipes to include coconut cream from a can and decreasing or removing the added water completely.

There is free parking for 30 minutes at the front of the store and for large orders free delivery is available.


Welcome Thai Asian Groceries

25 Melbourne Rd, North Geelong

Open: Monday-Saturday 9am-5.30pm
Sunday 10am-5.30pm

True Spice Supermarket

I drove down Moorabool Street a few nights ago and saw a new store called ‘True Spice’. I ended up going there the next day and having a look at what was on offer. I think it’s occupying the shoe outlet that has now moved across the road.

I’m only aware of one other Indian grocer in Geelong, and that one is in Little Malop Street. I haven’t been down that street in a long time, so I’m not sure if that store is still operating from that location or not.

I was quite excited by the size of this new store, and was amazed by the selection of pickles and chutneys.

This is just a small part of the shelf of the pickles and chutneys for sale.

Down the back of the store there is a wall filled with spice mixes for different Indian dishes, eg: Vegetable Biryani, Channa Masala, etc. On the back of the packet is a recipe for using your spice mix. They’re generally fairly easy to make, with many requiring garlic, onions, ginger and tomatoes. I grabbed a couple of the spice mixes to have for dinner in the coming week. I guess you could compare it to something like a Kantong sauce (except these are powders) where you have to still add your own vegetables, fish, etc. to create the dish.

The middle aisle contained lots of different types of flours and rice. I hadn’t heard of most of the types of rice, but would like to give some of it a go oneday to see how it compares to rice that I usually buy. I’m a little sick of white rice and the moment and instead I’ve been eating lots of brown and red rice.

This store would be fantastic for buying rice and spices in bulk. There’s an unbelievable amount of pre-packaged spices for sale, ranging from your common spices such as cinnamon, fennel seeds and cardamom, to things like nigella seeds and white poppyseed. Definitely somewhere to go when your local supermarket doesn’t have the spices you need. The store also has a fridge and freezer section with a big selection of Indian drinks, in addition to paneer and pre-made naan.

My only complaint about this store is that there aren’t enough Indian sweets for sale. I wonder if this is something that they will improve on at all – I certainly hope so. At the moment the selection is tiny – pretty much galub jamon and soan papdi only.

I was impressed by the prices. Chutneys were around $2-4 and the spice mixes about $2-3. I’ll definitely be going back to stock up on some more Indian food and perhaps get experimental with some rice.


True Spice

140 Moorabool St, Geelong.