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Moriac Makers and Growers Market

Last Sunday, Newling Reserve was host to the second Moriac Makers and Growers Market, which was located on Hendy Main Rd and easy to spot, due to the number of cars parked on the street. If you’re coming from Geelong, picture the Market across the train tracks and almost behind the general store. It is approximately a 25 minute drive to Moriac from the city of Geelong.

Arriving at about 11am, the market was already in full swing. We were greeted by a range of food stalls selling baked potatoes, pizzas, cevapi and pasta. Further in was a stage with live music to enjoy while browsing the stalls. There was also plenty of space to sit on the grass in front of the stage to enjoy the music while relaxing or perhaps enjoying a bite to eat.

Spring Creek Organics had an amazing vegetable stall selling top quality produce at a good price and friendly service.

This stall had some interesting beetroot for sale, including a variety that is bright yellow inside. There was no yellow beetroot left for sale by the time I got to the market, however, I was able to taste some raw. To me it seemed a little sweeter than the normal variety. Among other items, I ended up picking up some beetroot that had red skin with alternating pink and white circles inside.

Products being sold by other stalls included: jewellery, heat packs, cards, notepads, hair pins, headbands, children’s colouring books, children’s clothing, artwork, plants, macarons, traditional lemonade, cordial, honey, cheese and icecream.

Plant Stall

This market is definitely one to visit for top quality home made and home grown products. The market is only on three times a year, so be sure to keep your eyes out for the next one!


Moriac Makers and Growers Market

Newling Reserve, Hendy Main Rd, Moriac

Check their website here for dates or keep an eye out for local advertisements.